... It was 1:20 at night. I had been at the tower, and turned to go home the same way I go every day after classes. On the way I heard a strange noise - tanks were rolling along Cosmonaut Prospect. I turned back. I heard whistling and people's voices pretty close to the school. A shot rang out. When we ran to the tower, they were shooting non-stop. We stopped 10 steps from the soldiers who were pointing their tommy guns at the crowd. Tanks were already standing right by the tower and were breaking the windows on the lower floors. The tri-color Lithuanian flag was flying. A man was carried along the side. „Help," he moaned. A tall man with wavy hair ran into the crowd. „My God, I can't, I can't," he kept repeating. ..People are being crushed over there!" Everything that was happening before our eyes seemed unreal. I felt no fear. Paratroopers broke into the tower through the broken windows. Gun shots were banging. The tri-colored flag disappeared. Paratroopers kept firing at the crowd of people - both at the ground and over their heads.

People were shouting, pleading, cursing, making threats. We joined hands and shouted “Lithuania, Lithuania!"

When the murderers finished their work, the officer ordered the ones that were guarding the crowd to push us out of the square. It didn't go all that smoothly for the soldiers. Then tanks turned at us from the tower.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 221.