masiulisAll that you read are the words of the parents which were written down a few days after their son Titas Masiulis had died.
-I gave him the name Titas. Titas - that's a dove. The symbol of peace, - says his father. - He was the one. It's no lie. He loved every living creature.
He was already helping to repair cars when he was 10 years old. At home he used to construct things, paste things. His models worked. When he bought something he would take it to pieces to figure out how it was done. Once the experts refused to repair his camera, so he did it himself. He even made an electronic watch for himself. I said: „Why are you making it? You can buy one." He answered: „lt's more interesting to make it for yourself." After finishing 8th grade, he entered Kaunas Polytechnic school. He studied civil and industrial engineering. Sometimes he didn't have time for himself, but he always found time to help his friends. Although he didn't have that many. He had three sisters at home. He used to go with them to the country. And for Titas, the country was a sanctuary.
He was a radio operator in the Navy. For half a year he wasn't far from Leningrad, and later he was in Sevastopol. He was beaten up by sailors.
--He used to write beautiful letters, - his mother consoles herself. - I collected them and tied them with a ribbon. He destroyed them. I objected but he answered: „l've returned - what do you need those letter for Mom, if I've retuned myself?"
One time during a storm, it was impossible to sail into a harbor, and they had finished all the bread and fresh water on the ship. A captain handed a bread recipe to Titas and said: „Ty litovec, ty sumeješ." („You're a Lithuanian, you'll manage.")
He used to argue about politics. „l'm for a free market", he used to explain, „only that can save Lithuania."
On February 16, 1988 he saw militiamen beating some people. He was furious. We used to go to meetings. The Baltic Way... The European Way.
-On Thursday night of that fatal week we were by Parliament, - the father joins in the conversation again. - We got there on Saturday. It looked calm. Titas suggested that we return to Kaunas. Later he changed his mind: „Dad, go home. I'll go over to the television tower with my friends."
-I was sick that night. I was watching television. I kneeled down and prayed. Towards morning the family returned. While we were talking, somebody called from Vilnius: our son had a gunshot wound in his chest. The situation was hopeless...
-He lied in his coffin like a prince. Just don't make Titas into a hero, he was simple to no end, - asked the mother.

Lithuania, 1991.01.13 : documents, testimonies, comments. - Vilnius : State Publishing Center, 1992, p. 55.